Makia by Beyond

Both pioneers of Finnish streetwear, Beyond and Makia’s friendship goes way back. Now, that friendship has been made into a collaboration – but not any collaboration. The Makia by Beyond collection is an assortment of Makia’s items that have been given the Beyond treatment, true DIY style.

Connected by the same fierce passion for the skateboarding culture, Makia and Beyond both share a taste for the rebellious side of life. And, of course, we’ve helped each other along the way: when the still-budding Makia was looking for retailers, Beyond was among the first ones to step up.

In the Makia by Beyond collaboration, this shared history becomes a collection of Makia’s clothing reborn with Beyond’s patches. Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Put a patch on it and make it your own – just like back in the day.

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